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Hosted Voice

• Make and receive calls from anywhere with a phone system that is hosted in the cloud.

• Save on set-up, maintenance and call charges.

• Have reassurance that we’ll support you and provide everything you need.

Imagine trying to run your business without phones. It’s almost unthinkable. And finding a phone system, which meets all your requirements, can be tricky. In an ideal world, you’d have a solution that makes your communications easier to manage, the ability to control costs and a system that can adapt to meet your changing needs. But what if you could also save time, present a more professional image and give your staff the ability to work from anywhere?

Well now you can with our Hosted Voice service. It’s a really simple, entry-level solution that’s ideally suited to smaller businesses. But it can scale up as your business grows and your needs change.

What is Hosted Voice?

It’s a call-management service that’s hosted in the cloud. So you don’t need an office-based phone system or PBX to benefit from the latest call management features. Using a cloud-based phone system gives you the ultimate flexibility too because you can use it anywhere you can get online. It means our Hosted Voice service is available whenever and wherever you are.

Best of all, it’s a solution that takes full advantage of the latest Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, and it couldn’t be easier to get started. In no time at all, you can benefit from all the functionality of a traditional phone system but have the ability to do so much more. And whatever the future holds – moving to new sites or an expanding workforce – our VoIP phone service can adapt to meet your changing needs.

How does it work?
• Simply take an Internet connection from NTE – or use an existing connection if you have one
• Subscribe to our Hosted Voice service
• Specify the number of extensions you require
• Receive your IP phones, un-box and plug in
• Start making free inter-site and cheaper UK, mobile and international calls
  Download an overview of our Hosted Voice service
Why choose Hosted Voice?
• Reduce your capital expenditure and maintenance costs
• Access all the features of a traditional telephone system, without the capital investment
• Increase efficiency with flexible multi site and home working solutions
• Increase control with real-time provisioning and changes
• Be ready for anything with seamless failover in the event of network faults
Business benefits
• Free calls between sites on the IP network
• Lower cost calls to all other destinations
• Reduced line rental cost
• No phone system hardware
• No engineer visits
• No maintenance contract
• Simple web portal for configuration and management
• User licenses can be switched on and off as required.
• Plug-and-play phones
• Keep your existing numbers
• Up to ten different numbers associated with one phone
• Advanced call control features
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