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Code of Practice for Domestic and Small Business Customers

NTE is a leading provider of communications products and services to business customers, providing fixed lines, calls, line installation and rental, mobile solutions and maintenance.

Our aim is simple:
· to drive down your costs
· to deliver constructive advice
· to deliver great service
· to provide a one-stop shop for all your network services.

About this code
This Code of Practice is written in response to the General Condition of Entitlement (GC) 14.2 and GC 14.4 (Codes of Practice and Dispute Resolution) as set out in sections 52 to 55 of the Communications Act 2003. It is designed to state publicly how we will act in the conduct of our business and it complements and should be read together with our Terms and Conditions. NTE is a business-to-business organisation and rarely conducts business with the domestic consumer. Therefore, this Code of Practice is aimed at business customers.

Contact details
NTE Limited
1 Faraday Road
North East Industrial Estate
County Durham

tel: 0845 034 6622
fax: 0845 034 6601

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00. For out of hours line fault reports please contact us on 0845 034 6622 and you will be transferred to our 24 hour service team.

Our services
· Low cost call tariffs, local, national, international and mobile
· PSTN (analogue), ISDN2 and ISDN30 landline provision and rental
· Business Broadband (ADSL and SDSL) provision and rental
· Managed Internet services (Leased Line, MPLS)
· Inbound services
· Non-geographic / geographic number porting and translation
· Maintenance of equipment
· IP telephony products and services

For further information or to order any of our products and services please contact us on 0845 034 6622 or go to

Line provisioning and line rental prices are determined according to the contract term and number of lines ordered. Standard line rental and provisioning prices are available on request.

Call tariffs are individually tailored to a specific customers' usage. As part of our service, we undertake a detailed analysis of a client's call spend and line usage and use our experience to recommend specific 'bundles' of products and tariffs to deliver the maximum cost saving to the client. Standard call tariffs are available on request.

Maintenance prices are determined according to the type and age of equipment and the number of extensions in use.

Terms and conditions
Any product or service sold by NTE is subject to our Terms and Conditions. For a copy of our Terms and Conditions, please contact our Customer Services Department on 0845 034 6622, alternatively you can find them on the reverse of the Agreement signed by customers when ordering from us and a copy is also published on our website

The minimum contract period (minimum period) for relevant services will be stated on your Agreement. Where no contract period is specified on the Agreement, our Terms and Conditions state that the minimum contract period is 12 months.

Cancellation of services
Customers are entitled to cancel services in writing to NTE Limited at any time.

To cancel an Agreement you must notify NTE of your cancellation in writing at the above address and giving 90 days notice, or such shorter period as we may agree. Reconciliation charges will be levied should you terminate an Agreement during the minimum contract period. Full details regarding the termination of an Agreement can be found in our Terms and Conditions or alternatively please contact our Customer Services Team who will be happy to advise you.

Customer service
NTE maintain the highest standards of Customer Service. Our experienced network team are on hand to offer advice and support at every step and to specifically tailor our products and services to suit your individual needs. We have carefully selected our suppliers to ensure that our customers receive the best quality service available. All calls are routed across Tier One network providers to ensure the highest call quality. We respond to all customer queries promptly and our dedicated team ensure resolution of issues is quick and to your satisfaction.

Compensation or refund policy
Upon notification of a billing error, we will immediately carry out an investigation, and if appropriate will issue a refund to the customer upon request.

The full extent of our liability is clearly set out in our Terms and Conditions. NTE will review each case for compensation or refund on an individual basis and reach a decision based on the circumstances particular to that case. Where appropriate NTE will claim compensation on your behalf from our suppliers.

Fault reporting and resolution
Should you experience a problem with any of our services, please contact us on 0845 034 6622, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm. If you wish to report an 'out of hours' line fault you can call 0845 034 6622 at any time and you will be transferred to our 24 hour service team.

Incoming customer fault reports for both network services and maintained equipment are logged immediately and are dealt with in order of priority. The level of service offered and response times are constantly monitored to ensure customers receive a prompt, efficient and professional response to all enquiries. During office hours we aim to achieve a first response to all network service problems within one hour. For equipment maintenance we aim to achieve a first response time of four hours. For customers who require a faster than standard response we do have a range of additional service care packages, to discuss your requirements please contact our customer services.

Please note that line faults are subject to BT response times and outside the hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday BT will only respond to a line fault logged by NTE where the customer has paid for Care Level 2 (Prompt Care) or Care Level 3 (Total Care). For more information about Care Levels please our Customer Services Department on 0845 034 6622.

We will keep you fully informed of the progress of any fault until resolution is achieved.

Bills are issued monthly and payment collected by Direct Debit 14 days after the date of invoice. Other payment methods and terms may be agreed by special arrangement.

Summary reports are issued with the monthly invoices. Reports are also available online, ask Customer Services for more information. Fully itemised billing is available on request and may be chargeable.

If you find that you are unable to make a payment within the 14 day payment terms, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0845 034 6622 to avoid any disruption to your service.

If bills are not paid we will initially issue a reminder and attempt to contact you by other means. A second letter follows this reminder and will provide two working days notice of Restriction of Services. A third letter warning of disconnection of services will be sent out providing seven days notice of disconnection of services. This process is designed to give you sufficient opportunity to settle your account before services are disconnected. Reconnection of services can only take place on full payment of the outstanding account and there will be a reconnection charge for each line involved.

Complaint handling process
Please contact our Customer Services Team on 0845 034 6622 who will immediately investigate your complaint and work quickly and efficiently towards a satisfactory resolution. Incoming customer complaints are logged and given highest priority. We continually provide feedback to you on the progress of your complaint.

In the event that a customer is dissatisfied with the end result, the Customer Services Team will escalate the complaint to the Director of Customer Services who will seek to resolve any remaining issues.

Alternative dispute resolution process
NTE Limited is a member of The Ombudsman Service, an independent and alternative dispute resolution scheme. If we are unable to resolve your complaint satisfactorily, we will issue a "deadlock" letter so that you may take the complaint to The Ombudsman Service. We can provide you with details of this service. Alternatively if more than 12 weeks have passed without resolution since you first made your complaint, you can contact the ADR scheme directly. The contact details for The Ombudsman Service can be found on their website.

How to obtain this code of practice
This Code of Practice is published on our website at Additional copies are available on request.

NTE Limited
1 Faraday Road,
North East Industrial Estate,
County Durham,
SR8 5AP.

tel: ..0845 034 6622
fax: .0845 034 6601


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