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Inbound Services

NTE offer a range of non-geographic number services, including:

- Freephone (0808/0800)

- Lower Rate (0844/0845)

- Special Rate (0871)

Whichever non-geographic service you choose, all calls will be delivered to the UK landline number of your choice.

To compliment our numbers, we offer a wide range of fully scalable and fully managed cloud-based call services, which provide phone-system functionality when deployed. This means that you can quickly and easily improve the way in which your inbound calls are managed, with zero capital expenditure. Services include voicemail, fax service, pre-connection greetings, auto attendant and call recording to name just a few.

  Download an overview of our Inbound Services

Why choose a non-geographic number?

Non-geographic numbers work by simply pointing or 'translating' the 08XX non-geo number to another telephone number anywhere in the UK. Changing the underlying number is effortless with no down time, allowing you to seamlessly redirect calls to alternate sites or new premises with no interruption to service.
Flexible call routing options are available and can be utilised to efficiently manage inbound call traffic.
Monitor marketing campaigns
You can point as many non-geographic numbers as you like at any given underlying number. Give each campaign a different non-geographic number and you can accurately monitor the calls generated by each product/service.
National presence
Using a non-geographic number in your marketing collateral gives your business the appearance of a national, rather than a local organisation. It helps to attract new business outside of your geographic location and allows your business to expand and move premises without ever having to change numbers.
Stand out from the crowd
Freephone and Lower Rate numbers are particularly helpful to businesses operating in highly competitive and crowded marketplaces. Both prefixes signal to your customer that you are keen to attract their business and can win you that important first call. It is possible to purchase an eye catching and memorable number, helping you to establish a significant marketing advantage over the competition.
Build a revenue stream
Depending on which type of non-geographic number you choose, you could generate revenue from your customers' calls.
Disaster Recovery
Should you experience problems with your landline service, your non geographic number can simply be redirected to an alternative number, ensuring that you won't miss those important calls!
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