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Fraud Monitor

What is telephone fraud?

Telephone fraud, also called 'dial through fraud, toll fraud or PBX fraud is where a hacker gains access your company’s telephone equipment and takes control of the outbound dialling function, making expensive Premium rate or International calls which run up charges on your telephone bill. Current legislation offers minimal protection against this kind of criminal activity and because it is a breach of on-site security, unfortunately your business is liable for the costs.

When does it happen?

Most fraud attacks commence on Friday evening and in the run up to holidays, with Christmas being a particularly busy time for fraudsters, with the extended holiday period, a skeleton team, or even worse no team at all, the hack often goes undetected until the phone bill arrives.

What do we do?

With NTE Fraud Monitor your call data will be monitored 24/7 by our dedicated system.  Our out of hours team will contact you immediately if we spot any suspicious activity, while also call barring your service to stop any further charges.

In addition, NTE will proactively monitor call traffic for ‘one-off’ high value calls which might indicate internal phone misuse by staff, for instance 118, international or premium rate calls. Should we identify an unusual call we will make you aware of it and allow you to take the necessary steps to protect your business.

- 24/7 monitoring of your lines

- Swift action to block lines and minimise loss should a fraud be suspected

- Fraud alerts and advice on how to secure your system

- Help and advice on how to prevent dial through fraud.

- Identification of high spend calls allowing you to identify staff misuse.

What can I do?
We have produced a guide to understanding telephone fraud and outlined some common sense approaches to protecting your equipment and minimising the impact that this type of fraud can have on your business.
  Download our guide to reducing your risk of telephone fraud
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